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Figurative painting in ‘The evacuation of the sky’ by Ruprecht von Kaufmann at Kunsthalle, Erfurt

Monster, 2016, Oil on Linoleum, 200 x 300 cm, Stefan Maria Rother
(Ruprecht von Kaufmann and Kunsthalle, Erfurt)

Kunsthalle Erfurt presents “The evacuation of the sky,” an exhibition by the Berlin-based artist Ruprecht von Kaufmann who doesn’t shy away from narrative in his art. Kaufmann was born in 1974 in Munich, and he is considered to be one of his kind in representing young figurative painting in Germany. His painterly style continues to defy the art markets increasing trend towards abstraction. He asks questions more and more in his owned figurative style and leaves them unanswered. The central theme that the exhibition by Ruprecht von Kaufmann's show is based on explores man and creates powerful and courageous images. His art bases the ideas around the stories such as fables and myths. These are the ones in which man strives to connect to himself. Kaufmann never shies of using these references to literature as well and in the process excavate the elementary questions of being human and eradicating doubts.

Educated at the Art Centre College of Design, Los Angeles, CA, Ruprecht von Kaufmann draws on bridging the slice of modernism to fuse old with new. Von Kaufmann's art is dynamic, and purposefully so. He likes to draw the world around him. 

Kaufmann’s style is best understood through his development of unique oil paintings on linoleum panels from Old Master painting. The recently completed painting "In the House" will secure one of the prominent positions in the exhibition and will be the focus of the show. This painting is nearly eight-meter-long and illustrates Ruprecht von Kaufmann's cinematic narrative style being exhibited in Erfurt. The image is divided into five linoleum panels showcasing the different parts of the image. This style of representation creates a feeling of so-called "jump cuts" to the viewer. The illustrated scenes are built up in a sequence to emphasize the suspense.

For the exhibition, "The Evacuation of Heaven," presented at the Kunsthalle Erfurt, Ruprecht von Kaufmann has selected some of his works especially planned to cater to the curatorial concept, and this special selection no doubt goes beyond the results of his work. One portion of the exhibition area is titled "Inside the Studio," and this portion will showcase his sketches, material studies, and artifacts. This area will show the experiments by Ruprecht von Kaufmann in the studio and how he approached the process by surrendering to his concepts and exploring a new path. The exhibition to its spectators is seen as a tangible expression of his art as the artist gain an exciting insight into his inner life of the artist: "Inside the Artist."

The exhibition will be on view from January 21, 2018, through April 2, 2018, at Kunsthalle Erfurt, Fischmarkt 7, 99084 Erfurt, Germany.

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